We continuously provide full support to clients and individuals for Japanese Tax, Social Insurance and management solutions.

サービス Service For Corporates




  1. 会社設立業務
  2. 給与計算
  3. 仕訳処理代理
  4. 月次四半期での資産表作成・経営管理資料
  5. 決算書作成
  6. 申告書作成
  7. 節税対策
  8. 社長様個人・従業員の社会保険労働保険コンサルティング
  9. パソコン会計指導
  10. その他付随業務

For Corporate

We are not only your provider for tax calculation but a close advisor like one of your staff. We can provide your company’s Tax Reductions Strategy, documentation and data for management, Financial Analysis so that owners can have the environment which lets him concentrate on his business.

◆Service Details

Budget management, Management Accounting, Audit preparation can be provided for any types of companies since we have many years experience in Japanese companies and Foreign affiliated companies.

We offer reasonable fee structure with a high quality service to small offices but also to the companies which aim to listing in a stock market in the future.

  1. Bookkeeping on behalf(English bookkeeping available upon the request)
  2. Monthly and Quarterly Reporting, Tax estimation, Documentation and data for management
  3. Payroll
  4. Tax Return Preparation
  5. Tax Saving Strategy
  6. Accounting work Consulting
  7. Consulting for social insurance and labor enrollment for an employer and employees